We count it a privilege to pray the Liturgy of the Hours with you and for you. This is a daily move of God to bring together many people who exercise their spiritual muscles through the power of prayer. Our daily prayers are an opportunity for God and earth to communicate and collaborate on the possibilities of prayer. We encourage you to join with us and hopefully you will find that much of what may seem as simple prayers will eventually become part of your spirit. When you find yourself in dark places and moments, these prayers will move into your heart like a flood.

Liturgy of the Hours is when people from around the world can pray in one voice to God. We are reading the same Psalms, Scriptures and creating a fertile ground of blessings. The prayers are time tested and it is a movement of what we do corporately on Sunday, i.e. the Collect of the Day. Come pray with us and for us that The Glory may be given to God.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

"Prayer Changes Things"

We want start by allaying your fears and move you into the comfort zone of prayer.

1. Begin today.  There is no better time to start then today.  Carve out the time and a place to pray

2. Don’t be afraid.  When you pray it is private, it is between you and God and you don’t have to be afraid

3. Be consistent.  By choosing a time and a place to pray you are more likely to be consistent.  Pray early morning, noon, evening or bedtime. 
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